Hello everyone. As you know, this is important course. What’s more, this will be the first course this semester this course. Don't panic. You can make it through this course if you work hard and be serious.

I am your coordinator, Khawla Ali. It will be my pleasure to be your coordinator this course. I am your guide. I can tell you that with a little discipline, and a sense of routine, before you know it, you will have successfully completed this course and moved on to even bigger challenges ahead. Remember, if you become confused at any point as to what is required of you, just ask - either myself or teachers of the department. Discussion topics have been set up for this purpose, and you may also email me anytime via my email: Khawladot19@gmail.com.

The Cornerstone of parasitology is this course which designed to provide you with a foundation for beginning to integrate a diverse and ever-increasing practice and knowledge into a holistic and multifaceted understanding, ultimately allowing you to more effectively approach any challenge and be ready for anything which you may be faced in the future.

In this course, you will have assignments. These will be outlined and will be available on the course homepage. In order to get the most from this course, the best advice I can give you is:

1. Get to know essential contents.

2. Pay close attention to course objectives, requirements, and deadlines (Your course schedule is your friend)

3. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask

Please give me every opportunity to help you to be successful within the framework of the course requirements and deadlines.

All the best,

Khawla Ali