This course is an approach to electrotherapy from a practical perspective. It takes the basic information about electrotherapy modalities their features and application methods. student will introduce to electrotherapy equipments and apply them on their selves.

Rehabilitation and restoration of body function is the main target in the practice of physiotherapy. This courseteaches students methodsof restoration of body function through physical therapy. It includes (1) considering function during treatment, (2) constructing after care schedule of check, (3) teaching of appropriate behavior that restores shape and action, and (4) utilization of community physiotherapy service.

this course introduce students to different surgical cases and train them to apply physiotherapy treatment plan for different surgical conditions .

This course reviews the theoretical basics and practical skills of orthopedics physiotherapy. During the course students see a large number of cases and attend clinical assessments of patients needing physical modalities and monitor the effect of management on the patients.Students will have a log book to assure completion of certain tasks andfulfillment of specific objectives on practical skills.

Sport injuries are common in both recreational and professional sports.So,this course is designed to provide physiotherapy students with the basic principles in management of sport injuries. It focuses on the biological aspects of recreation and weight regulation programs taking into account the differing gender and age. It provides the students with an overview to the different types of sport injuries and the modalities of stationary and ambulatory therapy services. The course also discusses the safety precautions in organization of sport practice.

This course introduce the student to basic communatcion skills with patients and how to take histroy, apply objective examination , summarize assessment, form problem list, plan for treatment and interventions according to International calssification model for function and disability. Student will demonstrate the general principles of physiotherapy examination on lab training at department of physiotherapy.

The purpose of the undergraduate curriculum in community medicine  is to expose the students to the problems of the community in order to understand the principles of care of defined populations, based on cost-effective and scientifically sound methods.
The course is essential for the students for understanding health and its determinants together with the factors responsible for disease.
This course is offered to facilitate students to acquire c primitive, preventive and selected
The student needs to understand the basic concepts of epidemiology so that they can apply in understanding health statistics, investigating epidemics and designing small research projects. They will be able to apply these concepts in understanding and evaluating medical literature.