Parasitology and medical entomology department is one of the departments of Medical laboratory Sciences; the department staff is composed of a highly qualified and well experienced member, which holds consecutive scientific degrees using a teaching laboratories and lecture rooms with an international specifications. The department learns students with a modern teaching means.  It graduates parasitology specialists to compete in variety of science fields locally and internationally.  It is challenging and rewarding medical parasitology specialists that has great impact on diagnosis, teaching and research activities, working in a variety of settings; medical parasitologists are essential members of the health care teams. The department prepares graduates for the growing knowledge and competences in this field and teaches them to co-operate health care teams. A graduate of the department participates and facilitates the treatment and prevention of parasitic disease. The department undergoes work evaluation to ensure an everlasting development to graduate a well trained and qualified laboratory parasitologist, able to emulate in the felids of service.


1.      To provide students with foundation of medical parasitology knowledge and practical skills; to perform effectively in parasitology diagnostic services.

2.      To demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding of the scope of medical parasitology together with the basic terminology and definitions as well as the nomenclature of parasites.

3.      To demonstrate adequate knowledge about the biology, taxonomy epidemiology and transmission of parasite

4.      To understand the measures adopted for control and eradication of parasites and arthropods of medical importance.

5.      To provide students a parasitology knowledge and skills base on which they can proceed to further studies in parasitology area.

6.      To demonstrate adequate knowledge about principals and techniques of the parasitological methods those are applied in the diagnosis of different parasitic infections.

7.       To practice parasitological and relevant techniques those are applied in the diagnosis of parasitic infections.

Hello Parasitology Department ’students,

Welcome to Parasitology and Immunoparasitology course ,My name is Khawla Ali and I’ll be your coordinator for this course that runs for 6 weeks ending on 28/11/2020.

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