Histopathology and  Cytology graduates who hold Bachelor degrees in Histopathology and  Cytology will provides a broad theoretical and practical training in Histopathology and Cytology techniques include all the peroration techniques of  tissues and cells  that unable the student to deal with body tissues and cells from receiving and fixation the samples up to diagnosis. Also provides the student with the morphological and cytological pattern of tissue s and cells that enable the student to identify normal   human body cells, tissues and organs using general staining techniques (Haematoxylin and eosin) with special emphasis to diagnostic pathology and cytopathology by using special stains and immunohistochemistry stain . Knowledge and experience will be acquired various diagnostic techniques and the proper interpretations of morphological pathology and structural tissue changes in relation to clinical laboratory findings and function. This will save the way for Histopathology & Cytology graduates to enroll in careers related to teaching and research, human health, diagnosis, control of diseases, during assessment and comparative pathology.


1.    Acquire a widely-based theoretical and practical knowledge in histopathology and cytology with regards to pathogenesis and basic tissues alterations in disease process.

2.    Acquaintance with methodology, techniques and laboratory equipment used in diagnostic pathology including tissues processing for paraffin sections, frozen sections and electron microscopy. Histochemical and immunopathological methods including PCR.

3.    Recognize and describe the structural and functional changes, tissue changes associated with infection, various toxicities, surgical conditions, immunological injuries and neoplastic conditions.

4.    Acquire experience in planning and conducting scientific research.

welcome all the students in semester seven in histopathology and Cytology department Department , congratulate them for reaching this stage, and I wish your success.
The first course is Cytology and cytological techniques. I hope everyone is committed to complete the quizzes and writing the assignment on time.. Thank you
Course Coordinator :U. Enas Awouda Mohamed
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