Department of Haematology and Immunohaematology is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences. It is concerned with the study of blood physiology and blood pathology (anaemias, benign and malignant white cell disorders, bleeding and coagulation disorders) in addition to the immunological aspects of blood that deals with blood transfusion and immunological blood disorders. The department provides the students with theoretical and practical skills of the aforementioned sciences and also with the basic and advanced laboratory skills. The mission is to graduate up-to-date, research-minded and professionally oriented medical laboratory scientist intended to work in diagnostic and research laboratories and blood banks as an active member of the medical services or research team.


1.      Implement the Faculty’s and hence the overall University’s strategy aiming to improve the quality of the learning process.

2.      Graduate competent hematology and immunohematology laboratory scientists able to participate in:

(a) delivery of medical services in both the laboratory and blood bank.

(b) Continuous education programs and capacity building.

(c) Research aiming at enhancing science and improving the medical services.

(d) Response to epidemics and other emergency situations.

Integrate with the other departments to perform any other duties required by the Faculty Dean or by the University Quality Department