The course addresses the problems of substance abuse, alcohol and other drug use through the public  with an emphasis on psychological and  physiological  consequences of use and abuse. An overview of prevention, cases assessment and treatment strategies provided.

This road map course learns how to conduct a research. It includes 
(1) Introduction to research methodology and identification of research problems 
(2) Types of data 
(3) Formulation of research objectives 
(4) Types of studies and research designs 
(5) Sampling and sample size calculation 
(6) Data collection 
(7) Data processing and analysis 
(8) Proposal and research writing. 
By the end of this course the student could be able to clarify the way a research is conducted so as to perform their own researches, and to explain research terminology and process and also differentiate between different types of research studies and understand published scientific papers and gain ability to perform research.