This course is an approach to electrotherapy from a practical perspective. It takes the basic information about electrotherapy and applies it to practical scenarios encountered by physiotherapists on a daily basis.
By the end of this course, the student is expected to: list the modalities of electrotherapy, understand the parameter settings of electrotherapy and physiological effects of electrotherapy and apply all electrotherapy modalities in all patients who need physiotherapy.

This course is a review for genuine cases that commonly present in physiotherapy clinics. The student should be able to discuss the most common cases that present to physiotherapy clinics.

The study of primary health care is an opportunity to study the various aspects of the individual and community health welfare, the evolving health care needs of the community, and the contemporary and future trends in health care delivery. Understanding the principles and practice of primary health care will lay the foundation stone for understanding the role of the physiotherapist in planning and providing primary health care within a community context.