A three-week block on pharmaceutical microbiology-1 to include: (2) Introduction to Microbiology(3) Bacterial Structure and Growth(4) Metabolic activity of Bacteria(5)  systemic identification of bacteria (6) Pathogensis of Bacteria (7) Infection &disease(8)  Bacterial cultivation (9) Bacterial count(10) Biochemical tests(11)  G + ve Cocci (Staphylococci) (12)  G + ve Cocci (Streptococci) (13)  G-ve Cocci (Neisseriaspp ) (14) Spirochetes –Mycoplasma- Rickettsia (15)  Intracellular Microorganism (16)  Anaerobic rods-Clostridia-Normal flora (17)   Fungal diseases candidiasis, mycetoma, PID   (18) skin fungal diseases(19) Parasitology introduction (20) Parasitic diseases malaria –Shistosomiasis  (21)  Helminthes  (22) Virology-Introduction(23) Enveloped and non-enveloped  viruses (23)   Hepatitis B and viruses