This course review the general principles of pharmacology and includes: 
(1) History and scope of pharmacology, classification of pharmacology. Drug classification, nomenclature and sources 
(2) Drug delivery system: advantages and disadvantages of oral medication. Advantages and disadvantages of non-oral medications 
(3) pharmacokinetics: drug solubility and passage of drugs across body membranes, plasma concentration of drugs and various factors affecting it. Factors affecting absorption, distribution, biotransformation and excretion. 
(4) Pharmacodynamics: drug receptors and theories, mechanism of drug action, specify of drug action and factors modifying drug action
(5)Define  following terms, bioavailability, bioequivalence, therapeutic index, potency, efficacy, risk benefit ratio, selective toxicity, plasma half-life, dose response curve, area under curve, volume of distribution.                        
(6) Drug side effects/adverse reactions in humans 
(7) Pharmacology of specific systems: Autonomic, CVS and GIT systems